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The early disciples met together in simple, informal spaces where they shared their meals, their lives and their beliefs (Acts 2). These intimate times helped them build a deeping sense of community with one another and a growing commitment to God. 

We build authentic community at MissionWay through Community Groups. These groups usually meet in members’ homes every other week. A group meeting consists of fellowship, Bible study, prayer and service. We encourage everyone at MissionWay to be involved in a Community Group!

Groups meet in many different neighborhoods or at the church and represent folks from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. Groups are listed below, along with a list of their meeting times.  Our groups are engaged in a multi-year curriculum called "Disciples Path." To learn more about joining a group, browse our group list below, visit the Next Steps table in the lobby on Sunday, or contact Matt Wilbanks.

Location/Group Leader(email)/Day

MWay Lounge - John Wilbanks - Sun Lunch
MWay Lounge - Dave Harkey/David Ringley - Sun PM
Nease Area - Kris Thoresen - Tues PM 
MWay Lounge - Kris Thoresen - Wed PM
MWay Lounge - Kyle Jensen - Thurs PM
MWay Lounge - Bill Zachar - Fri PM
Young Professionals - Matt Wilbanks - Wed PM
Durbin Crossing - Pastor Ron - Sat PM
Bartram Springs - The Bradley's - Sat PM
Gate Parkway - Rob Gover - Sat PM