November 25, 201810:30 am


November 25, 201811:30 am


"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever." Psalm 136:1

Gratitude encourages us to appreciate the gifts God has given us and become generous in sharing our gifts with others. A church full of gratitude is a church positioned to make a difference in the world. This Day of Gratitude will help us reflect on the blessings we enjoy from God and renew our commitment to serve our world.

Please take time to pray and ask God to help you become aware of what He has recently done in your life. Below is a guide to help you prepare and provide ideas for how you can participate. Here are some questions to consider for the “open mic” time of the service:

  • Have you made a commitment to follow Jesus for the first time, or made a re-commitment of your life to Him?

  • What are some events in your life from the past year that you are most thankful for?

  • What are some challenges you have faced, and how did you see God at work?

  • Were there others from your church family who helped, supported or encouraged you through a difficult time?

  • What are some ways in which God has taught you something important and helped you to grow in your faith?

  • Are there ways in which your church family has supported you this year in your spiritual journey?